Stop being super boring!
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Your Themes!

  1. If you had to start a business, what would it be and why? 
  2. If you could build a robot, what would you want it to do and why? 
  3. What are the 3 things you love about Facebook and things you dislike about it? 
  4. What do you believe is the most exciting job in the world which you want to do as an adult? 
  5. The three traditions in my family that I cherish the most.

Aishwarya S.N
Grade 7, Al Bateen Academy,

Aishwarya S.N
Aishwarya S.N Image Credit: Supplied

There are things adults can learn from young ones and top of the list is to cheer up

Adults could learn a lot from both children and teens. We can learn things from them too, like being organised. But the thing is, adults are serious and children ... well, they enjoy life!

Don’t be super boring: Adults tend to be super boring at times, whereas children are like beams of sunshine. Adults should really be able to brighten up their lives, and to be able to find happiness in little things. Some teens are like adults: they don’t enjoy life. The fact is, we are still children, until we are left to venture into the real world. That’s when we really start losing our optimism, which should never happen. So adults really need to find their inner child and enjoy doing things.

Get out of your comfort zone: Sometimes when they see something brand new, like, a zip line, or an adventure park, most adults try to find excuses for not coming with you. This is kind of sad for us, because we were so excited to go, and now the adults have ruined it for us. Even if an adult is scared of heights, they should still give it a try and face their fears.

Don’t sweat the small stuff: Adults make small changes sound like a big deal, like when they are changing a bookshelf into overhead storage. They make it sound so difficult that when the switch eventually happens, we start to feel the same way as them and don’t want it to happen. This is wrong, because small changes aren’t a big deal. Things like moving your house is a big deal, but things like painting a part of your room isn’t.

Try to understand us: Adults can’t always understand us well. In the worst-case scenario, try explaining why you got the lowest marks in your class - it never works. Most adults tune you out and tell you to focus, to stop enjoying life so much and set strict limits, like making an hour of TV into 25 minutes only. This is unfair, because sometimes it might be that you could’ve been sick, and the test was the next day and no one told you about it. Instead, they should listen to your thoughts about the situation and give advice and rules based on that. That way, you’ll feel like you had a fair discussion.

Be humble: Suppose you aced your science test and your parents helped, they say we should listen to them at all times, because they know better than us. Taking a bit of credit is fine, but making it sound like it was all their ‘hard work’ and not yours, makes you feel like you always need to be dependent on them, and in future when you need to find a job, etc, you need their help, even as a grown-up! It’s not like they went and sat the test. We did!

They should instead congratulate you, ask if you whether you need their help the next time, or are you better off trying to do it yourself. This evokes a sense of independence in the child and prepares them for the outside world.

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