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Shreya Anand
Grade 10, The Winchester School, Jebel Ali

Shreya Anand
Shreya Anand Image Credit: Supplied

In my opinion, a role model is someone who has a clear sense of what is important to them. Someone with the ability to learn from their mistakes, and make them into opportunities to free themselves of all that is holding them back. A role model is someone who knows how to be the light in the darkest situations and lead the movement.

So, who is my role model? Honestly, I have only one role model who I know is going to remain the same for the rest of my life, someone who I am very close to. I believe in that person because I know that no matter how deep in a hole that person will fall, she will find her way out regardless of how long it will take.

That someone is me. I am my own role model. I am my own leader. I am the one who has her life in her control. I am the one who can navigate her own ship of life.

I believe in myself the most because if I create my own path, I inspire myself the most to make the best of my situation and surroundings. I work hard every day to to become a better me, for my benefit, so that I can be independent and lead my life more successfully.

Also, think about it, it is much easier to be your own role model, because if you trip up, you don’t have to wait for others to give you advice. That to me is the way to learn — allow yourself to be inquisitive; to explore and if in that process, you commit mistake, so be it. Life has offered you a learning opportunity.

I would like to end with a quote by inspirational writer Israelmore Ayivor: “The first person you have to conquer is you. This is because when at last you win over million people, the first person to bring you down could be you. Discipline yourself!”

I am my own role model because I can conquer all my fears and emerge as a winner. I am my own role model because I know I can be my best self.

If I found a Dh100 note on the road, I would...
...Typically, if I find anything of value dropped/left on the road, I would go to the nearest police lost and found cell, although when it comes to Dh100, since it is not a large amount, I could give to someone needy or drop it in the nearest charity collection box.