Fadil Amin
Fadil Amin Image Credit: Supplied

Fadil Amin
Grade 9, Al Ameer English school, Ajman

Most tweens and teens these days try their best to look cool. I have heard my peers say about someone, ‘He is so cool’. Does it have something to do with the temperature or is it about what he is wearing? Or is it about something more exciting?

I believe being cool is about being respected by your peers/friends. I know every person tries to look cool by showing off their new and expensive boots, expensive jacket or even an expensive mobile phone. I repeat, on purpose, the word ‘expensive’ because I want to let you know that an expensive new thing need not necessarily make you look cool.

I am not against buying expensive stuff but all I want to say is that wearing something that is comfortable and looks good on you really matters. I once bought shoes with really fat tongues to look cool but I certainly did not feel good.

So how do we look and feel cool at the same time? 

My advice:

1. Don’t beg for help: Always asking for help can make people look upon you as a nuisance. Instead, you should be helping others.

2. Respect yourself: If you want to earn respect, respect yourself.

3. Be yourself: Don’t try to imitate others, even if they are celebrities. Don’t be ashamed of your voice or physical appearance.

4. Be friendly.

5. Take part in conversations: It is important to take part in conversations and also listen to others.

6. Use humour: Tell jokes and laugh, but don’t overdo it.

7. Be the change and let others follow you.

If I found a Dh100 note on the road, I would...
... first try to find its owner with the help of my parents or hand it over to the police. The owner of the note worked day and night to earn so I don’t deserve to keep it.”