Ajman University of Science and Technology will hold its second drive-through graduation ceremony this year. Photo of graduation held early this year. Image Credit:

Ajman: Ajman University (AU) will celebrate the graduation of 766 of its graduates in a drive-through ceremony on campus from Tuesday to Thursday.

This is the second time that AU is organising such a drive-through ceremony for its graduates this year. At a time where many universities around the world are holding virtual graduation ceremonies due to the COVID-19 pandemic, AU has continued to choose this creative way to celebrate the occasion. The drive-through ceremony will also broadcast live on AU’s Facebook page.

Safety first

All graduating students attending the drive-through ceremony will be required to take the COVID-19 DPI test. The DPI tests are available for free to all graduating students at AU’s Covid-19 Testing and Vaccination Center on campus at the Shaikh Zayed Center.

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Graduates can collect their graduation gowns beforehand as well as masks. After receiving a negative DPI test result, students will be given a sticker to fix on the windshield of their cars. As the ceremony begins, students will follow the signs to venue where the ceremony will be held.

AU Chancellor Dr Karim Seghir said: “Students along with the faculty and staff have been braving this pandemic for almost a year and half, so this is not only an opportunity to celebrate with our graduates, it is an opportunity to support one another. What students did was not easy, so all our graduates will truly wear their caps and gowns like suits of armour. Thanks to their courage. This moment belongs to you students and your families.”