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Dubai Police warned Dh1 million fine, and imprisonment, will be slapped against those who insult religion in the UAE. Image Credit: Firmbee from Pixabay

Dubai: Police have issued a fresh warning against the misuse of social media, and stressed that offending any kind of religion in the UAE is a crime punishable by imprisonment and up to a Dh1 million fine.

Dubai Police also reiterated that residents should not post any offensive content on social media, according to Article 35 of the Cyber Crime Law.

The law

A person can face imprisonment of no more than seven years and a fine ranging between Dh250,000 and Dh1 million for using electronic sites to display contempt for any holy symbols, characters, figures and rituals of Islam including the Divinity (Allah, God) the Prophets and for any other faiths or religions, or any of their symbols, characters, figures and rituals.


People will be prosecuted if they commit the following on social media:

  • Offend any Islamic sanctities or rituals.
  • Offend any of the sanctities or rituals prescribed in other religions.
  • Insult any of the monotheistic religions.
  • Encourage, incite or promote sins.


Article 20 of the Federal Law No. 5 of 2012 on Combatting Cybercrimes determines a punishment of imprisonment and/or a fine of not less than Dh250,000 and not more than Dh500,000 for whoever insults or accuses another person of a matter of which he shall be subject to punishment or being held in contempt by others, by using a computer network or an information technology means.

If slander or insult is committed against a public official or servant in the course of or because of his work, this shall be considered an aggravating factor of the crime.