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Ras Al Khaimah: A heavy vehicle driver has been jailed for a month and ordered to pay Dh200,000 compensation by a court after the vehicle rolled down a steep road and fatally ran over an Asian man who was sitting on the side of the road.

Records of Ras Al Khaimah Traffic Misdemeanours Court show that the heirs of the 54-year-old victim filed a case to obtain compensation. The court also ordered the three defendants - driver, the company that owns the vehicle, and the insurance company - to jointly pay Dh90,000 to the widow of the victim and her two children.

The family of the victim stated in the lawsuit that they had suffered material and moral damages as a result of the death of their sole breadwinner, which prompted them to file a lawsuit to demand that the defendants be obligated to pay them Dh150,000 in compensation.

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The first defendant (the owner of the vehicle) had indicated, in the lawsuit, that the plaintiffs were not entitled to any compensation other than the “blood money” (compensation for causing death) as long as the amount of blood money covered all the damages resulting from the accident.

The lawyer of the victim’s family, Hanan Al Bayed, said securing a judgement to be entitled to the blood money does not prevent the plaintiffs from claiming compensation as long as it is proven that the perpetrator of the accident was judged at fault in a penal verdict.

The court ordered the defendants to pay Dh50,000 in compensation to the widow and Dh20,000 for each of the victim’s two children.