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Ajman Criminal Court has sentenced a 21-year-old woman to jail, to be followed by deportation, over attempted murder. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Ajman: Ajman Criminal Court has sentenced a 21-year-old expatriate woman to jail on charges of a premeditated attempt to kill her mother-in-law while she was sleeping. According to the court, the woman stabbed the victim four times with a knife. The victim’s son, who witnessed part of the act, then intervened and saved his mother’s life.

The accused confessed to her crime.

The court also ordered the deportation of the accused woman upon completion of her jail sentence.

Prosecution records showed that a family dispute was the reason behind the murder attempt. The accused’s husband told Public Prosecution that he was asleep in his apartment where he resided with his wife and mother. He said he was shocked by his mother’s sudden screams, asking for help. He rushed to her room immediately and saw his wife standing next to his mother, who was lying in a pool of blood.

His wife then turned towards him and collapsed on the ground. The husband then woke her up, took her to the next room, locked the door and returned to his mother. He then called the ambulance and the police.

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The victim later told Public Prosecution that she was with her son and his wife until late at night. Later, she went to her room and fell asleep past dawn. But she was jolted out of her sleep due to a searing pain in her back and was shocked to see that it was her daughter-in-law who had attacked her with a knife.