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Dubai: A father has been acquitted of charges of supplying drugs to his teenage son, but found guilty of consuming illegal substances, the Dubai Court of Appeal heard.

The 40-year-old father was accused of supplying morphine, crystal meth and illegal painkillers to his son at their residence in Al Rashidiya area.

According to official records, the father and his son were known to Dubai Police as drug addicts. Dubai Police monitored them before raiding their residence in March. “We found illegal painkillers and a drug-soaked paper weighing 90 grams. We found tools used for consuming drugs,” said an Emirati policeman in official records.

The pair admitted to consuming drugs after lab tests revealed a percentage of drugs in their bodies. The father denied supplying the drugs to his son and claimed he didn’t know that his son was a drug addict. The son said his father wasn’t supplying him drugs.

“The lab results of the two suspects were the same,” said the policeman.

The father said he got the drugs from a drug dealer who used social media to send the location of buried drugs after the wire transfer of money to the dealer.

Dubai Police said they tried to help the son quit drugs but he was returning to consumption when his father was in the house.

However, Dubai Court of First Instance cleared the father from charges of supplying drugs and sentenced him to two years for consumption of drugs.

The Court of Appeal upheld the verdict.

The court records said there wasn’t enough evidence that the father was the one who supplied drugs to his son.

The son was referred to Dubai Juveniles Court.

The father appealed the conviction in the drug use case but the Cassation Court upheld the verdict.