20200714 dubai court
Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: A gang of three men have been accused of forging documents and posing as representatives of a Dubai-based law firm to obtain Dh232,340 from a customer.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Tuesday that the victim contacted the law firm to follow civil cases at Dubai Courts in 2018 as he was staying in Turkey. But the two Nigerian men and a Cameroonian man, forged court documents, law firm emails and deceived the victim who wired the money to the defendants after he thought he was speaking with his law firm.

The Emirati lawyer said the victim used to contact them through the firm’s email, but it was hacked. The defendants, it turned out, lured the victim by sending him emails from a duplicate email and later spoke with the victim through Skype to transfer fees.

The scam was uncovered in 2019 when the victim returned to the UAE and met the lawyer.

“They sent him documents about the process of the cases in the courts and asked him to transfer Dh20,000 advance fees for a bank account in the UK. They emailed the victim through the hacked email and asked him to come on Skype,” said the Emirati lawyer in official records.

The defendants kept asking the victim to send varying amounts of money after dispatching forged letters by Dubai Courts to pay fees for opening civil cases upon his request.

“The victim received an email from them saying that they collected his money and it was deposited under his name at a local bank. When he came to the UAE to check the money, the bank told him the letter sent to him was fake,” the lawyer added.

The defendant contacted the victim through Skype asking for an extra Dh60,000 fees when he alerted Al Muraqabbat Police Station.

An Emirati policeman testified that Dubai Police set a trap and arrested the defendants.

“The defendants admitted to illegally obtaining the money from the victim. They claimed that other suspects outside the country hacked emails and communicated with victims to send money and they would collect it. They would buy car spare parts with the money and send them to Nigeria,” said the Emirati policeman in records.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the defendants with forgery, using forged documents and illegally obtaining the money.

The next trial is on August 4.