UK’s Mubi partners with India’s biggest cinema operator
Illustrative image. Image Credit: Pixabay

Abu Dhabi: Cinemas in Abu Dhabi have reopened to the public with strict precautionary measures against COVID-19, Abu Dhabi media office announced on Monday.

The new safety rules require cinema halls not to exceed 30 per cent of their capacity, applying physical distancing between visitors inside and outside cinema halls, wearing masks, and conducting COVID-19 tests for all staff members prior to resuming activity.


The reopening of cinemas means that halls will be required to implement social distancing both vertically and horizontally between seats. No adjacent seats are allowed to be used except by members of the same family.

All used seats have to be disinfected between showings, and at least 20 minutes should be set aside between consecutive screenings for this purpose, while disinfection of entire areas will be carried out at the end of the day.

Abu Dhabi Media Office also reminded visitors that tickets will not be issued, and pamphlets will not be distributed, in addition to the removal of all touch screens in the vicinity. Customers will have to make their purchases for tickets online.