Auto cleaning
Make sure you disinfect high-touch surfaces Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Now that you have resumed going out, it’s time to pay some attention to disinfecting your car.

The Dubai Road Transport Authority (RTA) urged residents on Friday evening, “Sterilise your car well before departing on your journey and when you return to ensure your safety and that of your family.”

An awareness video released on Twitter by RTA outlined the steps involved.

According to the video, there are five parts of the vehicle that must sterilised before and after use. They include the interior and exterior door handles, steering wheel, gear stick, electronic devices and the seat belt. Basically, all high-touch points need to be taken care of.

An approved disinfectant should be used for the sanitisation process.

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Using a portable vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of the car every now and then also helps.