Richa Jain
Richa Jain Image Credit: Supplied

Richa Jain, a former art teacher, paints as her son assists her and her husband films. The family is using their time at home to share the “gift of art” with UAE residents and children around the world.

Jain is a trained artist who is giving free lessons online during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I want to do whatever I can to help people. If it distracts them or teaches them a new skill, my work is done,” she said.

Currently the 35-year-old teaches through her YouTube channel that has various lessons and she also conducts free of cost classes on video conferencing platform Zoom.

She uses her social media accounts to reach parents and children.

“As we stay at home it is often difficult for kids to kill time and for their parents to handle them. I want them to use their time constructively,” she said.

The Indian national came to the UAE five years ago and started giving free classes ever since.

She caters to parents who want their young children to learn how to paint and draw, as well as teaches more advanced skills to older children who already know the basics.

With Jain’s growing popularity, especially amidst the coronavirus pandemic, parents have started requesting her to teach them specific techniques and show them how to create certain artwork.

“I have gotten a very positive response, and I would like to continue helping UAE parents and students,” she said.

When asked about how she manages to make time for the lessons, she said that “it is part of her job” as a “giving citizen”.

When it comes to her YouTube videos, she said: “My husband films them and my son helps me. Many times he [her son] is the one teaching in the videos. It’s a family activity,” she said.

Jain’s 11-year-old son, Dakshil Jain is also an art enthusiast who is often featured in her videos, teaching.

From oil paints to watercolours, the duo use different media to create her art.

Jain said that she wants to extend her help to those children who are unable to afford art lessons in India.

She said that she is currently trying to contact World Vision India, a child-focused humanitarian organisation in India, to help her give lessons to the underprivileged in the country.