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A "Fog Collector"device that can be placed on the side of major highways and roads to collect thick fog, making it safer for drivers by increasing visibility, on display at the COP-28 Green Zone. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: The Green Zone at Expo City Dubai is the hub of climate action at COP28.

If you are a climate activist, one who feels strongly about climate action, then the Green Zone is your hub for the next 12 days as Dubai hosts the world’s largest climate change summit.

What is Green Zone

The Green Zone is a space managed and delivered by the COP28 Presidency. It will be the zone where visitors can maximise their experience and engage in meaningful dialogues to address climate change at an individual level. It will be open to general public who have registered to visit it. The

Difference between the Blue and Green Zone

The UN Climate Summit will have two zones. The Blue Zone is a UNFCCC managed site, open to accredited parties and the observer delegates only. It is here where formal negotiations across the 12 days of the conference will take place. Major events such as the World Climate Action Summit, Global Climate Action Hub, Presidency events, and numerous panel and roundtable discussions will be held in the Blue Zone.

The Green Zone is an open space for public to promote dialogue and awareness around climate action. Climate innovators and those with a desire to make a difference can make their way here.

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Who can attend the Green Zone

The public, private sectors, NGOs, as well as delegates and guests of the UNFCCC managed Blue Zone can attend the Green Zone. Dedicated hubs across Expo City Dubai will be open to public as part of the Green Zone from December 3. These include Energy Transition, Humanitarian, Knowledge, Youth, Climate Finance, Greening Education, Technology and Innovtion, Impact, Startup Village.

Voice for Action Hub

Climate activists attending COP28 will have a dedicated area to hold protests and demonstrations for climate action. The Voices for Action hub, located in the Green Zone, next to Mobility entrance, will be the space available for climate activists to assemble peacefully and make their voices heard.

What is inside Green Zone areas

The Green Zone will have climate-inspired interactive exhibits, art installations, film screenings, and over 300 talks and discussions about climate change and sustainability. Visitors will have the opportunity to connect with over 200 groups comprising private companies and civil society organisations.

Beyond conferences

The Green Zone of COP 28 is also a platform to showcase solutions and pathways from the global community and civil society. The Green Zone, managed by COP28’s host country of UAE, is a space for youth representatives, artists, businesses, regional and local decision-makers and many other civil society actors to discuss, present and exchange ideas and solutions for a net-zero future in a more informal setting — for example in the form of presentations, podium discussions, poster sessions and exhibitions.

There are more than 90 food and beverage outlets at COP28 Expo City.

How to reach the Green Zone

The Dubai Metro is the best way to get to COP28’s Green and Blue Zones. Parking is also available across the Expo City parking areas. Buggies are available to transport visitors to Expo City points.

Tickets and passes

People can now book a free Green Zone Day Pass to visit COP28 UAE in Expo City Dubai from December 3 to 12. Each ticket is valid only for the chosen day, allowing access only on that date. Each ticket can be scanned only once, so it cannot be used for multiple entries.

Participation to the blue zone is restricted to delegates, admitted observer organisations and accredited members of the press and media.