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Sharjah Municipality urges residents to use online channels to renew their tenancy contracts

Sharjah: Sharjah City Municipality (SCM) recently announced that it has made 48 e-services related to lease contracts and rental regulation available on its website so tenants and landlords can complete their lease transactions easily.

They include tenancy contract attestation, inquiring about rental lawsuits, requesting a lease contract document, inquiring about the rental indicators and many other services.

The SCM attested about 307,000 lease contracts in 2021, and more than 87,000 contracts during the first quarter of 2022, through the SCM website and service centers located in various areas of the city of Sharjah.

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Digital drive

Ali Ahmad Abu Ghazien, Director of the Rental Regulatory Department, said the number of electronic services provided by the municipality and related to the Rental Regulatory Department amounted to 48 services, all of which are available on the municipality’s website.

Abu Ghazien added that these services are constantly updated, as the municipality is keen to launch new services that contribute to achieving its goals of digital transformation and in line with the goals of the emirate in this field, significantly saving cost and effort, improving operational efficiency and organising it, and creating opportunities for employees to provide innovative and creative services. Away from the traditional methods of providing service, and raising the efficiency of government work, this transformation also contributes to motivating customers to continue to attest their transactions related to rental regulation in a timely manner, especially rental contracts.

Abu Ghazien said the municipality is keen to educate the public, in cooperation with relevant departments, on the need to attest lease contracts, urging who does not attest their contract to ratify and check with municipality in this regard so that the relationship between the landlord and tenant is legal and through which both parties guarantee all their rights.

Common cases

He added that the municipality revised during the past year 11,520 executive files, where most of the cases focused on demanding the evacuation of the rented premises due to the failure of the tenant to pay the rent, demanding an increase in the rent fees after the expiry of the legal protection of the tenant, asking the tenant to maintain the rented premises, and demanding the returned of the rental value due to the lack of use of the rented premises, pointing out that all cases are reviewed by judicial committee, which in turn offering the settlement to the parties and resolving the case amicably and in the event of a refusal of the settlement, the applications will be judged.