Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut Image Credit: PTI

National Award-winning Indian actress Kangana Ranaut claims she has been bleeding out Twitter followers every day and questioned her waning popularity on the social media site. Is she being shadow-banned, wondered the actress.

Responding to a fan who pointing out the dip in her number of followers recently, Ranaut said:“I agree I notice pattern every day 40-50 thousand followers drop, I am very new to this place but how does this work? Why are they doing this any idea? @TwitterIndia @jack @TwitterSupport.”

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Ranaut has been at the forefront of batting for justice in Sushant Singh Rajput’s mysterious death and is a proud nationalist.

When asked if it was her political leanings had propelled Twitter to shadow/ghost ban her, she wryly said that she’s used to resistance towards her.

“Hmm I see Nationalists have to struggle every where, racket is so strong, I noticed because last night we were to very close to a million, anyway, sincere apologies to all those who are getting unfollows automatically, so unfair but aren’t we used to this now?”

Ranaut has been relentlessly talking about the underbelly of Bollywood and claims that drugs, extortion, and mafia rule the Hindi entertainment industry. She was targeted by Bollywood’s powerful entities when young, claims the actress.

“I was also called bipolar, a sexual predator, I was [expletive] shamed, they isolated and banned me, eventually entire media banned me and my films as well, and mafia openly declared my tragic end, and all this happened in full public glare, no one said anything #IAmSushant,” posted Ranaut on Twitter this Sunday.

Recently, she also opened up about the rampant use of drugs in Bollywood circles.