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Photo for illustrative purpose. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: A boy was mistakenly given a contraceptive injection instead of an antibiotic shot at a private clinic in Madaba, southwest of capital Amman.

According to local media reports, the boy was taken to a private clinic where the doctor prescribed the antibiotic injection and asked his father to buy it from a pharmacy. However, a worker at the pharmacy gave him the contraceptive injection by mistake. Reports said that the worker is a school teacher who replaced his pharmacist wife for some time.

The boy was taken to Al Nadeem hospital in Madaba when his condition deteriorated. His blood test showed high enzyme levels. When doctors asked the boy’s father about his son’s medication, he showed them the package of the injection. The father was shocked when he came to know that his son was inoculated with a contraceptive shot.

The boy was discharged from the hospital after he recovered.