blood, blood stain, blood splatter
Image for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: An Egyptian student has allegedly killed his classmate by slitting his throat in public while trying to defend a little child who was being beaten by the victim in Egyptian city of Kafr Al Sheikh, local media reported.

The killer is said to have grabbed a broken piece of glass and attacked the victim, causing him deep injuries in the neck that led to his immediate death.

The Kafr Al Sheikh Police who launched an investigation into the crime found that an altercation erupted between the victim and the killer and later developed into a street fight.

The murderer, who has been arrested, admitted to killing the young man. He claimed that when he saw a little child being beaten up, he intervened and tried to protect the child. But the victim attacked him, which led to a street fight that ended up with the suspect grabbing a broken piece of glass and attacking the victim.

The suspect has been jailed and will be referred to the public prosecution pending further investigation and legal proceedings.