Saudi Mecca clock
An aerial view of the holy city of Mecca. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: A video showing a Saudi man distributing money to workers from various nationalities at the Grand Mosque in Mecca has gone viral on social media platforms.

According to local media, the man was filmed while he was giving away money to various workers at Al Haram Al Sharif mosque in a humanitarian initiative aimed at bringing joy and happiness to the workers.

Social media users praised the man’s gesture. Nawaf wrote on his Twitter account: “Thank you God for the blessing of being born in Saudi Arabia, a great country and great people. Glory be to Allah who chooses the best people to protect and manage holy sites. Saudi Arabia and its people have been bestowed with this honour.”

Other users said: “May Allah accept your good deeds and bless you with good health, wealth and success in every step in your life.