201001 Lucky man
A screengrab from the footage, shwoing the man sat in the seat in the car wash. Image Credit: YouTube

Abu Dhabi: A video has emerged of a man narrowly escaping death after he moved moments before a vehicle driven by a worker smashed into a wall at a car wash in Saudi Arabia..

The incident happened in Bisha, a town in the Saudi Arabian province of Asir.

Citizen Mohammed Al Qahtani told Sabq: “Praise be to God first of all for my escape from being run over, as I was sitting on a chair waiting to have my car washed.

"And I saw him [the driver] coming to stop the vehicle in front of me, to make me feel that the driver of this vehicle was not driving the car well.”

Al Qahtani added: “I decided to change my place and it was all seconds — Glory be to God – until the driver quickly reversed and hit the chair I was sitting on and the wall.”