190909 Anwar Gargash
Anwar Gargash Image Credit: AFP

Abu Dhabi: The UAE said on Monday that its latest coordination with Saudi Arabia over Yemen is yet another evidence of “strategic cooperation” between the two countries that are co-leading a military alliance fighting the Yemeni Iran-allied Al Houthi militants.

On Sunday, the UAE and Saudi Arabia pledged in a joint statement their continued political and military efforts to resolve a standoff between Yemen’s internationally recognised government and southern separatists-- both are partners to the anti-Al Houthi coalition.

“The joint messages from sisterly Saudi Arabia and Emirates in connection to developments in Yemen emphasise cooperation that are binding us,” UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Gargash said in a tweet Monday.

He added that Saudi and UAE interests are one and the same.

“[Our] partnership is based on the same objectives and consolidated by sacrifices,” he added.

The UAE has repeatedly denied allegations it is supporting separatists, seeking statehood in southern Yemen.

On Sunday, the UAE and Saudi Arabia also renewed their support for the Yemeni government in preserving the country’s territorial integrity and blocking Iran’s scheme in Yemen.