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Dubai: A Saudi citizen miraculously survived after being attacked by a wolf. The encounter left him with deep injuries in the neck, local media reported.

The wolf is said to have attacked the young man at a farm for some predatory animals in the Saudi city of Hail. While the man was touring the farm, the wolf pounced on him and stuck his fangs into his neck, and also bit the young man’s friend in the hand.

The man was immediately taken to hospital and a video of him while in hospital went viral on social media. The video shows the man suffering from deep injuries in his neck.

The National Centre for the Development of Wildlife in Saudi Arabia warned against rearing predatory animals in the Kingdom, saying it is a prohibited practice, and penalties will be imposed on violators.

Saudi authorities have urged people to hand over wild animals they may be keeping as pets, warning against illegal rearing of predators.

Early last April, a Saudi man in Riyadh died of injuries he sustained from an attack by a lion he kept at a private residence.

A relative of the victim said he got the lion from a friend nearly two months earlier, and kept it in his rest house in eastern Riyadh.

The lion attacked the man while he was offering it food, the relative told Al Arabiya TV. “His shrieks drew attention of workers at the rest house. One of them tried to hit the lion, but it was to no avail,” he added. Workers notified the police who shot the predator dead.