The Saudi-led Arab Coalition prevented the continuation of the bloodshed of the Yemeni people, says governor of Marib, Sheikh Sultan Al Arada. Image Credit: WAM

Abu Dhabi: The Arab coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia, aborted the bloody Iranian plan in Ma’rib in particular and Yemen in general, and strongly contributed to preserving the Arab identity of Yemen, preventing its transformation into a terrorist hotspot, a top Yemeni official said.

Governor of Marib, Sheikh Sultan Al Arada, told Okaz the coalition also prevented the continuation of the bloodshed of the Yemeni people, and “stopped the sabotage and destruction that the Al Houthi pursued with the full support of Iran’s terrorist regime.”

For the first time, Al Arada uncovered “the Khamenei regime’s plan to control Ma’rib through providing weapons and missiles to the Al Houthis.”

Al Arada, who was speaking from one of the fronts over the phone, confirmed that the military situation in Ma’rib is in our interest, and the army, the resistance and the tribes are making an honorable history with great sacrifices from the dearest men and youth of Yemen, and until now Al Houthi militia’s arrogance has been broken and we will witness its defeat, God willing, soon.

Running battles

“The great results achieved by the Yemeni army, the resistance and the tribes would not have been achieved except by the grace of God and then with the support of the Arab coalition that succeeded in thwarting the Iranian-Al Houthi plot to control Marib,” Al Arada said.

Al Arada revealed that Iranian, Syrian and Lebanese experts were running battles in Ma’rib and training the Al Houthi militia, confirming that there were fatalities among Hezbollah fighters in the battles of Marib.

Al Arada spoke in detail about the great successes that have been achieved militarily, politically and in reconstruction, which are supported and financed by Saudi Arabia through the Saudi Programme for Development and Reconstruction of Yemen and the King Salman Relief Center.