The mild stimulant plant is popular in the impoverished Yemen. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Cairo: Saudi police said they had seized 174 kilos of illicit stimulant substance qat in a border region with Yemen.

The haul was found elaborately hidden inside cavities of a car driven by a Saudi man in the governorate of Sarat Abidah in the southwestern region of Asir, a spokesman for the local police said.

“He was arrested and preliminary disciplinary procedures were taken with him,” the official added without details.

In recent months, Saudi authorities have reported uncovering a series of aborted drug smuggling attempts.

Last week, Saudi Arabia said it had foiled an attempt to smuggle over 30 million drug tablets of amphetamine into the country.

The Interior Ministry tweeted it had foiled an “international criminal” plan to smuggle 30.3 million tablets of the drug inside cardamom containers at a dry port in Riyadh.

Last month, the Saudi Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) announced thwarting an attempt to smuggle 2.3 million Captagon drug pills at a border crossing into the kingdom,

Drug smuggling and trafficking is an offence punishable by up to death in Saudi Arabia.