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Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A Saudi man has been arrested for circulating a video inciting sectarianism and spreading hatred and hostility in society through social media, local media reported on Sunday.

He was arrested after an order issued by the Public Prosecution on Saturday.

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The Public Prosecution urged Saudi citizens and expatriate residents to show a spirit of moderation, tolerance and fraternity during their interaction with each other on various media outlets.

“On receiving a report from the monitoring centre at Public Prosecution on the circulation of a video clip in which a man appeared inciting sectarianism, stirring up of inter-faith intolerance and spreading hatred and hostility among community members,” a source at the Public Prosecution said.

The arrest is in order to serve public interest and is in line with articles 15 and 17 of the Criminal Procedure Code,” the source said. An investigation is underway.

The source warned against practicing anti-national activities, sowing seeds of sedition in society, spreading deviant ideologies, and calling for hatred or discrimination.

“The Public Prosecution will spare no effort in prosecuting those who misuse and violate laws,” the source said, adding that the surveillance bodies in the Public Prosecution are following up and monitoring everything that tend to undermine national unity, communal cohesion and peace in the society,” he added.