200824 Jarfan
Abdul Latif Jarfan. Image Credit: YouTube

Abu Dhabi: The Saudi Human Resources Development Fund said the academic who appeared selling tea on the streets because he did not get a suitable job for his scientific degree had previously worked in several jobs with high salaries.

Abdul Latif Jarfan has been the talk of Saudi Arabia on social media over the past two days, after he appeared in a video clip posted on Twitter wearing a university graduation cap and gown while selling tea on a street.

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The governmental fund said, in a statement published on Sunday on Twitter: “They met with the young man who appeared in a video clip selling coal tea in graduation uniform, and spoke about his inability to obtain a job despite his master’s degree from an American university, to help him find a suitable job.”

The statement added: “According to records of the National Labour Portal, the young man had previously worked in five jobs, in several sectors, including banking, medical, tourism and food, and his monthly salary in one of the jobs reached 8,000 riyals, but he did not settle in any of them.”