Pilgrims, who were brought from hospitals to perform the Haj rituals. Image Credit: SPA

Dubai: The Saudi Ministry of Health has transported a number of pilgrims of different nationalities from hospitals of the Mecca Health Cluster, accompanied by a medical team, to Arafat, to enable them to perform Hajj, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said.

The ministry said that the health cluster has prepared an integrated programme for the pilgrims during their Hajj journey to Arafat, by following up on them medically, ensuring the presence of the medical team for each patient, and continuously testing their vital signs.

A number of such pilgrims expressed their appreciation to King Salman and the Crown Prince for the arrangements made for them to perform the rituals.

In addition, the ministry has provided a mobile field hospital in the Holy Sites to raise the level of readiness in the event of any emergency situations to serve pilgrims during the performance of the Hajj rituals.

The hospital includes a medical staff consisting of doctors, nurses and consultants, and provides its services.

The ministry noted that the mobile field hospital accommodates 50 beds, including 4 beds for intensive care.