Online Classes
A student wearing a protective mask and face shield attends an online class. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Cairo: A schoolteacher died while giving a lesson to students online in the Saudi port city of Jeddah, a local newspaper has reported.

Ahmed Hassan Al Zahrani, a chemistry teacher, was giving the lesson via the government online platform Madrasty on Thursday when he suffered a heart attack and fell on the ground, Okaz added.

His family carried him to the hospital where he died. The late teacher, a father of four, had served in the education field for 26 years.

His death aggrieved his colleagues. “When we received the news of the good colleague's death, we were shocked,” Khaled Al Zahrani, a teacher at the same school where the late teacher worked.

“We have lost a well-mannered colleague, but that’s Allah’s will,” he added.

The school manager Khaled Al Raiqai, meanwhile, described the deceased teacher as devoted and benevolent.

Saudi Arabia has been relying on distance learning since the start of the school year last August as part of precautions against the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Millions of students in the kingdom are in their second semester taught online after authorities announced extending the distance learning system for school and university students for at least 10 weeks.

According to the Saudi remote education system, lessons are explained via the Madrasty platform and a set of television and YouTube channels as well as an education portal linked to the Education Ministry.

The Saudi Education Ministry said that a royal decree has been issued to continue the distance education at all levels of public and university education in line with a mechanism followed since the start of the current school year to protect students' health.