Sheikh Mohammed Al Aghatha Ould Cheikh has passed away aged 80. Image Credit: Supplied

Cairo: Saudi Arabia has paid tribute to prominent Mauritanian Muslim scholar Sheikh Mohammed Al Aghatha Ould Cheikh who died this week aged 80.

The King Fahd Complex for Printing the Holy Quran, based in the Saudi holy city of Medina, praised the late cleric, who was a member of the institution’s religious committee tasked with revising copies of the holy book. Sheikh Mohammed Al Agatha, born in Mauritania, died in Saudi Arabia on Monday and was buried in Medina.

Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs and Call Abdulatif Bin Abdulaziz, the supervisor-general of the King Fahd Complex, offered condolences to the family and students of the late scholar.

“I pray to Allah that He makes his abode the Gardens of bliss and to amply reward him for the lofty services he made to the book of Allah the Almighty,” the official said, according to the Saudi news portal Ajel.

An accomplished expert in Quranic recitations, Sheikh Mohammed Al Agatha was long authorised in copy-editing prints of the Holy Quran at the King Fahd Complex, the world’s biggest printing facility for serving the sacred book.