Haj Arafat
Pilgrims gather on Mount of Mercy at the plain of Arafat during the annual haj pilgrimage, outside the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, July 8, 2022. Image Credit: Reuters

Mecca: Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims gathered on Friday at the sacred hill of Mount Arafat in Saudi Arabia for an intense day of worship and reflection on what is considered the climax of the Islamic hajj pilgrimage.

Many had tears streaming down their faces as they raised their hands in worship on the slopes of the rocky hill where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) delivered his final sermon some 1,400 years ago, calling for equality and unity among Muslims. Thousands had walked there through the pre-dawn darkness.

As one of the largest religious gatherings on earth, this second day of the hajj on Mount Arafat, or the hill of mercy as it’s also known, is often the most memorable for pilgrims. They stand shoulder to shoulder with Muslims from around the world, all considered equal in Islam before God, seeking mercy, blessings, good health, bounty and healing.

The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques announced it will broadcast Arafat sermon in 10 most popular international languages to reach out to more than 150 million faithful all over the world.

The presidency has readied the devices for the global transmission of the translated version of Arafat sermon in the languages of English, French, Malay, Urdu, Farsi, Russian, Chinese, Bengali, Turkish and Hausa.

The five-day hajj pilgrimage is required of all Muslims once in their lifetime, if they are financially and physically able to make the demanding pilgrimage.