Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia has reshuffled the Human Rights Council by appointing 13 women as members. Image Credit: Agency

Abu Dhabi: Saudi Arabia has reshuffled the Human Rights Council by appointing 13 women as members in a move that will have a great impact on the mission of the kingdom to promote human rights for Saudis and expats, Saudi media reported.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz has issued a royal decree to form the Human Rights Commission’s council in its fourth session for a period of four years.

Dr. Awwad bin Saleh Al Awwad, Head of the HRC, said the decree stipulated the appointment of 13 women, who would constitute half the positions of the commission’s council.

This move “comes in line with efforts made by the kingdom’s leadership to empower women to leading positions in various fields, and help achieve what is best for the country,” said Al Awwad.

The HRC’s new council is formed of full-time members, including Ibrahim Al Batti, Dr. Amal Al Habdan, Dr. Al Jawhara Al Zamel, Dr. Khouloud Al Katheeri, Zuhair Al Zoman, Dr. Sarah Al Abdul Karim, Salma Al Rabee, Dr. Sherifa Al Rajeh, Douha Al Ibrahim and Dr. Abdulaziz Al Qaeid, Abdul Rahman Al Shabraqi, Dr. Ghafoon Al Yami, Mohammad Al Nujaidi, Dr. Mashari Al Naiim, Dr. Nasser Al Muhaizei, Dr. Hind Khalifa, Dr. Hind Al Sheikh, and Walid Al Yahya.

Part-time members include: Dr. Saleh Al Sheikh, Dr. Talal Al Harbi, Abdul-Mohsen Khthayla, Lama Ghazzawi, Munira Al Osaimi, Dr. Maha Al Maiman, Naqa Al Otaibi, and Dr. Noura Al Amro.

Al Awwad praised the Saudi leadership’s support and guidance, which he said had a great impact on the HRC’s mission to promote and consolidate human rights principles for the benefit of Saudis and expats.