74 hotels and computer firms have been booked in Saudi Arabia for flouting localisation rules. Image Credit: AFP

Abu Dhabi: 74 hotels and computer firms have been booked for flouting localisation rules, local media reported.

Inspectors of Saudi Human Resources Ministry have cracked down on businesses found violating Saudisation laws across the kingdom. They conducted 120,000 surprise visits to businesses a month.

Saudisation, officially known as the Saudi Nationalisation Scheme or Nitaqat, is a policy implemented by the Ministry of Human Resources, whereby Saudi companies are required to hire Saudis on a quota basis.

It has been ongoing since 1985. However, over the past five years the Saudi government has made certain roles exclusively for Saudi citizens.

Private sector

Foreigners make up around 10.5 million of Saudi Arabia’s total population of 34.8 million. The Government has moved to localise 20 per cent of engineering professions in private sector businesses.

Saudi Ministry of Human Resources said the decision aims to provide 7,000 jobs for Saudi engineers, which cover all engineers looking for jobs, their number is currently close to 5,000.

The ministry has joined hands with the Human Resources Development Fund and the Marketing Association to groom and employ Saudis in marketing jobs in the private sector as the country is seeking to replace migrant workers with citizens.