A truck loaded with goods is trapped on a flood-hit road in Saudi province of Taif. Image Credit: Supplied

Riyadh: Torrential rains had lashed the western Saudi region of Taif, trapping motorists and causing power blackouts, a civil defence official said on Saturday.

The downpours trapped a number of vehicles including two buses with 97 passengers on board, Col. Nasser Bin Sultan, the spokesman for the civil defence department in Taif added, according to Saudi news portal Sabq.

“All those trapped were rescued and are in good health,” he said.

Some districts in the province experienced power outages Friday night as a result of the heavy rainfall, he added.

Some roads were temporarily closed to the traffic for motorists’ safety.

Heavy rains hit Taif and nearby areas Friday evening. Civil defence authorities warned people to be cautious and avoid ravens and gullies.

The Meteorology Authority on Saturday cautioned against poor visibility in some parts of the kingdom due to rainy weather and strong wind.