200930 Jeddah
Jeddah Port Image Credit: Al Jazirah newspaper

Abu Dhabi: The General Grain Corporation announced that it had received the first ship carrying 60,000 tonnes of Ukrainian-origin wheat in Jeddah Islamic Port, representing the first shipment of imported wheat produced by the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC), local media reported.

Chairman of SALIC, Engineer Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al Faris, explained the shipment comes as part of the Kingdom’s efforts to benefit from Saudi agricultural investments abroad, and link these investments to the needs of the local market.

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“The agricultural investment programme abroad represents a food security strategy in the Kingdom, which aims to diversify and stabilise sources of external food supplies,” he said, indicating that the branch of SALIC in Jeddah Port has completed various preparations for unloading the ship.

Engineer Al Faris added that SALIC is keen to diversify the sources of wheat procurement through international tenders that are put forward and in which the various wheat-exporting companies in the world compete, in addition to buying local wheat from farmers as part of the controls to stop the cultivation of green fodder.

The target wheat quantity has been raised, starting from the next season to 1.5 million tonnes annually, in addition to the tenders for Saudi investors abroad, for which 10 per cent of wheat purchases is allocated annually.