Riyadh Saudi Arabia King Fahd National Library

Abu Dhabi: Saudi Arabia has a pioneering role and provides a great global contribution to clinical research, and studies related to treatments of the novel coronavirus, a senior official said.

Dr. Mohammad Al Abd Al Aali, assistant minister of health and spokesperson for the ministry, said Saudi researchers have reliable and prestigious scientific levels regionally and globally, who catapulted the Kingdom to 25th position globally, an advanced ranking among world countries.

“Moreover, Saudi Arabia is the second in the Middle East and the first among Arab countries in publishing of scientific papers related to COVID-19,” he said.

With regard to the epidemiological analysis, Dr. Al Aali said the ministry continues to monitor the curves related to critical cases, which indicates positive results as the cases in critical care has decreased 12 per cent.

He pointed out that most of the cases that are discharged from critical care — about two-thirds — show improvement and respond to treatment positively.

For his part, Dr. Abdullah Asiri, assistant undersecretary for preventive health, said research is an integral part of the response to emerging diseases, especially infectious ones, and the Kingdom participated effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic in epidemiological research related to understanding the virus and therapeutic research, related to medicines and vaccines.

He explained that the Kingdom participated in one of the most important studies that were successfully concluded, in the past weeks — the study of plasma therapy, as it is known that the immune system in the body produces a wide range of antibodies to infectious diseases, including viruses, indicating that this principle is not new and has been used in the treatment of SARS-1.