The Wadi Bani Awf is also attracting people again. Image Credit: Supplied

Muscat: After a long a break due to lockdowns, curfews and weather-related restrictions, the popular weekend retreats are once again abuzz with visitors.

Saal steps, a spot known among trekkers and hikers in the capital region saw a number of men and women trekking up the tough terrain over the weekend.

Early morning is the most preferred time for the regular visitors to this spot, with evening, closer to sun-set coming next for its stunning sunset views.

The Bandar Khayran beach that can be reached in less than an hour from Qurum, another popular getaway for capital residents, also saw a steady flow of groups since the last weekend.

Bandar Al Khayran is a stunning rugged coastline at the Western side of Muscat that is quite popular as a weekend destination, whether it is to go kayaking, snorkeling, camping or hiking.

With the evening heat fairly down and cool winds lingering around, beaches have become family picnic spots, with masked visitors enjoying the outdoors.

Gassan Al Jamali, a regular jogger at Shati Qurum beach, said that the crowd is gradually increasing in the Shati beach. “Till September this beach was fairly empty with the heat wave still lingering. But over the last two weeks, the weather has cooled down pretty much and the outdoors have become the hot choice once again for the residents in these areas!”

The coffee shops and restaurants lining the beach road in Qurum are going full house in the evening.

“The capacity is restricted to 50 per cent but within this limit, our place is full and we have started taking appointments over the phone to avoid waiting time for our guests.” Says the Manager of Moonlight Café, a coffee shop by the beach in Shati Al Qurum.