traffic violations, traffic fines
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Cairo: A Kuwaiti man has been handed down 11 fines related to traffic violations in one day, a local newspaper has reported.

Each fine against the 39-year-old man involves KD100 ($326), Al Anba added, without giving a breakdown of the infringements or when they specifically happened.

Authorities have notified the offender of the fines by publishing them in the Official Gazette and tasking all security agencies in the country of enforcing them, according to the report.

Under Kuwaiti law, the offender has 27 days starting from the day which follows the publication in the Official Gazette, to appeal against the verdicts. If he didn’t, they will be irreversible.

In recent years, Kuwait has toughened penalties to curb traffic infringements and road offenders.

Kuwaiti authorities said they had recorded over 4 million traffic violations in 2021 in the country of around 4.6 million people.

More than 1 million traffic tickets were also registered in the first three months of the current year, traffic police said.