20200915 top news arrest in goa
Photo for illustrative purpose. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Two Saudi brothers have been arrested in Kuwait for allegedly robbing expatriates and targeting groceries, local media reported.

One of the brothers has reportedly posed as a Municipal officer while the other impersonated as senior police officer.

According to a security source, the duo carried out their criminal activities over a period of 10 days, until the CID personnel got suspicious about their activities.

The CID investigations revealed the identity of the suspects following which police set a trap and caught one of the brothers red-handed.

The security source stated that the suspects have so far confessed to committing 7 grocery thefts and robbed a number of expatriates and spent the stolen money on ‘fun’ activities.

The source pointed out “investigations are still underway to know more about the crimes they have committed.”