Building fire, fire
Illustrative image. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Kuwait City: The Public Relations and Media Department of the General Fire Brigade announced that the fire that broke out at the Al Sulabiya tire site on Tuesday morning appears to be an arson attack. An investigation has been launched to determine the exact cause of the fire and obtain evidence to make sense of the incident.

This is the second fire to break out at the Al Sulabiya tire site in less than four months. On October 15, a huge fire blaze was set off and an estimated one million tires were said to have been burned as the fire spread through 25,000 of the site’s million square meters.

Tire graveyard

Al Sulabiya tire site is one of the largest tire graveyards in the world and is clearly visible on satellite images. Old or unusable tires are usually taken to Al Sulabiya and thrown into large holes, which with time become mountains of tires.

The main threat of having such a large tire site is the possibility of hazardous fires breaking out. The most notorious tire fire happened back in 2012, which led to over five million tires being burned. The incident was considered an ‘environmental catastrophe’ as the smoke of the fires were visible from space.