Kuwait residents mask
With coronavirus cases rising in Kuwait, another partial lockdown may be introduced in the country. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: With eight coronavirus deaths registered in two days, and coronavirus-infected cases in intensive care rising to 125, after a recent decline to 90 cases only, health sources expressed their concern over the failure of many societal groups to adhere to health requirements and social distancing initiated to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Al Qabas Newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The recent development prompted the health authorities to consider compulsory options; including the postponement of the transition to the fifth stage of the return to life plan, avoiding reducing the quarantine period for returnees from abroad, as was expected, and the continuation of the list of 34 countries from where expats are banned from entering the country.


The sources also did not exclude the possibility of returning to a partial curfew according to the degree of severity of the coronavirus infections situation in the country, especially as the country is nearing the seasonal flu season, whose infected develop similar symptoms to that of the coronavirus, which will constitute a challenge for health officials.

The daily said, quoting sources, that gatherings are a primary source of transmission of the coronavirus, stressing the need for citizens and expats to cooperate during this period in particular, to relieve pressure on the health system, and not to overburden medical staff.