Afghans crowd at the tarmac of the Kabul airport
Afghans crowd at the tarmac of the Kabul airport on August 16, 2021, to flee the country as the Taliban were in control of Afghanistan after President Ashraf Ghani fled the country and conceded the insurgents had won the 20-year war. Image Credit: AFP

Cairo: Bahrain has said it is facilitating evacuation efforts from Afghanistan amid a massive international airlift after the Taliban’s takeover of the country.

“The Kingdom of Bahrain, based on its moral responsibilities contributes, along with global partners, to supporting relief efforts in Afghanistan and facilitating evacuations, by allowing flights to make use of Bahrain’s position as a transit point, before reaching their final destination,” the Bahraini Foreign Ministry said.

Bahrain is “a committed and active member of the international community and attaches special importance to consolidate humanitarian solidarity,” it added, according to the Bahraini news agency BNA.

The ministry added that Bahrain is closely following developments in Afghanistan, expressing hope that all parties there will participate in stabilising the domestic situation and protecting the lives of civilians under current circumstances.

The Taliban’s return to power has prompted thousands of Afghans to desperately seek to leave the country. Western powers have launched large-scale evacuations of their citizens and local allies deemed at risk of reprisals from the Taliban fighters.

The movement ruled Afghanistan with an iron grip between 1996 and 2001, before it was toppled in a US-led invasion following the 9/11 attacks.