An ampule of remdesivir. Image Credit: REUTERS

Gilead Sciences Inc.'s remdesivir reduced mortality risk for COVID-19 patients by 62 per cent compared to standard care, according to a new analysis of trial data released by the drugmaker.

The new analysis compared late-stage trial data with real-world treatment. Gilead will present the findings at the Virtual COVID19 Conference as part of the 23rd International AIDS Conference, the company said in a statement.

The comparative analysis released Friday showed the death rate for patients treated with remdesivir was 7.6 per cent at Day 14 compared with 12.5 per cent among patients not taking remdesivir. The analysis also found 74.4 per cent of remdesivir-treated patients recovered by Day 14, versus 59 per cent of patients receiving the standard of care alone.

Gilead shares gained 2.1 per cent to $76.25 at 9:34 a.m. on Friday in New York. So far this year, the stock has risen 17 per cent, largely powered by hopes that remdesivir will become a widely-adopted drug for treating Covid-19 around the world.Remdesivir was granted an emergency use authorization by US regulators in May. A large trial found it sped recovery by about four days in hospitalised patients.

Foster City, California-based Gilead recently said it would charge US hospitals roughly $3,120 for most patients who need remdesivir, picking a middle ground in a high-profile decision on cost.

The comparative analysis included 312 patients treated in a large, late-stage clinical trial, and a separate real-world study of 818 patients with similar characteristics and disease severity who received standard of care in the same time-period.