Jupiter by NASA
Space image- Cassini's best maps of Jupiter Image Credit: NASA

Social media has gone viral with an image that resembles a south Indian lentil pancake or Dosa – a picture of the planet Jupiter. The image was taken by the American space agency Nasa and recently it went viral on Twitter, clocking in millions of views and still counting.

The image is garnering hilarious reactions from Indian foodies on Twitter.

A twitter user @agracadabra tweeted: “Who else thinks it’s a sizzling Dosa about to be smeared with some butter and loaded with a chunk of bhaji stuffing before being turned over and served with hot Sambhar and coconut chutney.”

Another twitter user, @POTUS_Sanders tweeted: “And this is what it looks like on top. It's the second planet in our solar system that has been found to have a hexagonal feature at the pole. Saturn being the other. Nature doesn't normally form geometric shapes, so academia is perplexed by their existence.”

Social media users are questioning the image’s accuracy, wondering how ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ can be distinguished from outer space. while other Twitter users are talking about how much the planet’s picture is resembling with a sizzling Dosa.