Rape victim, abuse victim
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A man in the Punjab province of Pakistan has admitted to sexually assaulting his teenage daughter along with his brother and neighbour.

The three accused and the victim are residents of the Gunjiyan village, in the district of Kasur.

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The single father named Ajmal, his brother Amjab and neighbour Arham, sexually abused his fifteen-year-old daughter for four months, he said in a recently aired news report.

Four years ago, Ajmal had separated from his wife, after which he lived with one of his four daughters.

While speaking to a media outlet, Ajmal said: “After the divorce, my wife left one daughter with me while she took the other three [children]. I don’t know what happened to me, but I started sexually abusing her four months ago, along with my brother and neighbour….”

Reportedly, Ajmal’s family knew about the abuse but did not take action against him.

After months of sexual abuse, seeing the teen’s poor condition, Ajmal’s sister intervened and took her to her home. However, that didn’t stop Ajmal from coming over and continuing to abuse his daughter.

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The issue came to light after the girl got a chance to escape to her grandfather, who involved the police and a case was registered against the accused.

In a news report, Ajmal said: “If she had not escaped, we would have continued to abuse her.”

Outrage over violence against women

Earlier, the rape of a woman, who stopped on a highway after her car ran out of petrol, near Gujjarpura area, in the province of Punjab, caused outrage. The issue trended across social media platforms and has also sparked country-wide protests. Several celebrities have expressed their concerns over the safety of women in the country and many participated in the protests.

However, cases of sexual abuse and violence continue to surface.

Speaking about the issue, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan recently said that rapists should be subjected to public hangings but added that this could impact trading deals with partners that oppose the death penalty, such as the European Union.

In a television interview that aired on September 14, the premier also said that the worst sex crimes should be punishable by chemical castration.