knife attack
Threatening silhouette of man wielding a knife behind frosted glass window Image Credit: Agency

An angry mob chopped off the arm and nose of men attempting to flee after a robbery bid in the city of Muzaffargarh in Pakistan’s Punjab province on September 24.

According to police sources, three unknown armed men went to a shop owned by Muhammad Arshad alias Kali Khan Balouch at Eisan Wali Bridge, Colourwali area, and tried to loot him, news outlets reported.

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According to some news reports, the culprits also tried to steal the man’s motorbike.

The thieves beat up the shopkeeper when he put up resistance after which they tried to escape. However, the owner’s relatives and neighbours caught the culprits, according to local media reports. They had come to the rescue of the man after hearing gunfire.

The angry mob then snatched an axe from one of the robbers and chopped off the arm of one of them and the nose of another.

The wounded men were taken into custody by the local police.

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According to a police spokesperson, District Police Officer (DPO) Hassan Iqbal reached the site upon getting the news of the incident.

Police registered a case against the dacoits on the complaint of the injured shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper and the culprits were taken to a local hospital. The dacoits are said to be in critical condition.