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Dubai: A 49-year-old coronavirus patient, Sanjay Garg, has set up his own COVID-19 care center, in the Indian city of Bengaluru, after he was rejected by many hospitals due to lack of beds. The Karnataka resident who was found infected on June 28, set the medical care center as soon as he recovered, to ensure that others don’t go through the same ordeal, as him. As the story went viral in India, social media users applauded Garg, and many pitched in to support him.

A Facebook user @Rahulsharma posted: "Bengaluru continues to be worst affected by the pandemic. At such a point, I really appreciate him for his effort."

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According to a local news source, Garg was affected by COVID-19, and he kept going around the hospitals. His family members took him to five hospitals, but none of them admitted him. After the recommendation of his friend, he was admitted to a hospital.

Another Facebook user @ Hemant commented: "It is happening not only in Bengaluru but almost everywhere. Such a pity that people are not even getting their initial medical checkup."

The first thing he did upon recovery was to set up his own care centre, to help other patients.

Talking to a local news source, Garg said: " As soon as I recovered from the infection, I contacted Aggarwal society in my area, which supports community issues, and they helped me to build this COVID-19 facility. We converted a building to Aggrawal Seva Corona Care Center with 42 beds, two doctors and four nurses."

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According to the statistics, Karnataka reports 5483 new coronavirus cases out of which 2220 were from the capital city, Bengaluru on Friday. The recovery rate of the state that was at 33 per cent a few days ago is reported to have improved and reached 40 per cent on July 31.