Heavy rain in Al Ain on September 28
Picture for illustrative purposes Image Credit: NCM

Eastern parts of the UAE will see moderate to heavy rainfall by evening today, due to the tropical storm Shaheen off the coast of Oman. According to the National Center of Meteorology (NCM), UAE's weather bureau, this may cause strong winds, dust storms, flooding in valleys and poor visibility on roads in the eastern and southern parts of the country.

A senior meteorologist at the NCM told Gulf News on Saturday: "Eastern parts of UAE especially Fujairah are expected to receive moderate to heavy rainfall in the evening. This weather will extend into Al Ain, and surrounding regions and south of Liwa."

"Our team is monitoring the situation constantly and we are expecting rainfall of different intensities across the eastern coast of the UAE," he added.

The official also said: "Strong to moderate winds can also affect these regions and surrounding areas. Unstable weather will cause poor visibility, so we urge people in these regions to stay cautious on roads.

"Avoid mountainous areas, and valleys which are prone to flooding," he added. Dust storms are also expected to affect visibility, according to the official.

He added: "Cyclones are unpredictable and can change course, but this is the forecast based on the current pattern that we are observing.

"Internal areas connecting Dubai and Al Ain, may also be affected. Wind accelaration, depepnding on the cyclone path, can cause further deterioration in visibility."

Unstable weather expected till October 3

According to an official weather alert from NCM: "It is expected that the eastern coast will be affected from Saturday night with a stormsurge, especially with the period of high tide at low areas.

On Sunday, October 3, by afternoon and evening, some regions of the country will be affected with the extension of the tropical situation, especially the eastern and southern regions, where convective clouds will be associated with rain in different intensity that lead to flash floods in the valleys and torrents, and water will accumulate in some low-lying areas.

The winds will be fresh to strong, causing blowing dust and sand reducing horizontal visibility, especially with convective clouds.

Rough condition in the Oman Sea

The sea state in the ​​Oman Sea will become rough to very rough, which will cause the seawater to enter into the eastern coastal areas in the low-lying areas, and the sea will be rough at times northward in the Arabian Gulf.

The NCM also shared a red alert on its social media channels.

Earlier today, the UAE embassy in Oman has warned Emirati citizens in the Sultanate to be extremely careful due to the tropical cyclone Shaheen and to stay away from coastal areas and valleys.

Oman has announced two-day public holiday for employees working in both public and private sector establishments due to Cyclone Shaheen, Oman News Agency (ONA) reported.