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According to the NCM light rain was reported in eastern parts of the country Image Credit:

Dubai: Strong to moderate winds, dust storms and light rain are being reported in various parts of the UAE including Dubai, as tropical storm Shaheen nears the coast of Oman.

Dr. Ahmed Habib, a National Centre of Meteorology official told Gulf News: "The sea is rough to very rough off shore, along the UAE's coastline, with a wave height of 8 to 9 feet. The waves are more turbulent in the Arabian Gulf currently."

Strong to moderate winds were reported in many parts of Dubai and Sharjah, along with dusty weather. "Wind speed is reaching 40 km/hr and may intensify by evening," added Dr. Habib.

The NCM said that partly cloudy to cloudy weather is expected to prevail and winds will blow sand across open areas in the country, causing poor visibility.

According to Dr. Habib: "Some light rain and cloudy weather was reported along the eastern coast." He added that rainfall of various intensities are expected along the eastern coast, which may intensify by evening or tonight.

These weather conditions are expected till October 4 evening, after which the path of the storm will move away from the UAE, he explained.

UAE's Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation tweeted on Sunday afternoon: "#MOHRE urges establishments and companies exposed to the tropical storm Shaheen to take necessary preventive measures to protect employees from hazards or injuries that may occur at the workplace and even stop work if needed. #UAE"

The emergency and civil defense teams across the UAE are on complete alert for any weather changes along the coast of the country.

Will there be cloud seeding?

Dr. Habib added that the NCM was monitoring the situation constantly. "If rain bearing convective clouds are monitored over the country, we will do cloud seeding to enhance rainfall in the UAE," he said.

Flash floods in Oman

Meanwhile, Oman's wadis (streams/ravines) are overflowing and streets in several governorates, including Muscat, are flooded as cyclone Shaheen dumped rain ahead of its landfall in the sultanate.

The Oman Meteorology department issued weather alerts about the movement of the tropical storm Shaheen.

Here is another video with imagery showing the progression of the cyclone.