Dubai: Some rain showers are expected this weekend extending until Monday noon, forecasters said, sparing the Catholic faithful descending on Abu Dhabi from heavy downpour during the Papal Mass on Tuesday.

Forecasters said a ‘case’ is being monitored that will bring different intensities of rain on Saturday.

“The case will be starting on Saturday late night over the islands and the sea, gradually reaching coastal areas in the Western parts of the country. It will affect scattered areas in the UAE, especially the coastal cities and northern and eastern parts,” Dr Ahmad Habib, specialist in meteorology at the National Centre of Meteorology (NCMS), told Gulf News.

The wet weather will sweep down the coastline and scattered parts of the country until noon on Monday, a day before the scheduled Papal Mass at the Zayed Sports City Stadium.

“The mean rainy period will be between late night of Saturday until Monday noon time. The amount of clouds will gradually decrease in general after that. We will still have some clouds, but not like the days before that. If there will be rain after that, maybe it will be a drizzle and will have no big effect on people. In fact, people may not notice,” Dr Habib said.

Organisers of the Papal Mass had earlier announced that bringing umbrellas to the stadium is not allowed for security reasons. No announcement was made if ponchos or rain coats may be brought.

Dr Habib cautioned motorists, however, to drive with caution as fresh to strong north-westerly winds will start affecting the country by Monday afternoon. Visibility could deteriorate in exposed areas due to dust and sand.

Some 135,000 Catholic faithful are expected to come to Abu Dhabi for the Holy High Mass officiated by Pope Francis. Tens of thousands will be taking free public transport by late night Monday to reach the stadium by 5am on Tuesday. Others will be driving to Yas Island.

He also urged residents to bring warmers as the mercury could drop by five degrees on Monday late night, especially in the western UAE.

The Arabian Sea will be rough while the Oman Sea will be moderate becoming rough on Monday.