181125 rain clouds
Rain clouds over Dubai Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Get ready for your social media feed to be flooded with rain videos and photos from the UAE again – more rain is expected this week across the country along with a dip in temperatures. The Met office told Gulf News that moderate to heavy rainfall will hit parts of the UAE, including Dubai on Wednesday.

According to a National Center of Meteorology (NCM) official clouds will develop over the country from Tuesday to Thursday. “The UAE will be affected by a surface low pressure system from the Southwest accompanied by warm and humid south-easterly wind with a Westerly jet stream in the upper air, with a flow of different cloud amounts from the West,” according to the NCM.

On Tuesday evening, light rain was recorded in Ras Al Khaimah.

A slight rise in temperatures was also noticed on Tuesday as the maximum temperature recorded over the country today is 31.4°C in Bada Dafas in Al Dhafra region of Abu Dhabi).

Southeasterly winds at speeds of 45km/hr caused sandstorms in some areas on Tuesday, reducing horizontal visibility to less than 1,500m at times in some areas.

While clouds will gradually increase by Tuesday night, the situation will peak on Wednesday, causing rain of different intensities in coastal areas including Dubai.

“Clouds will develop over coastal, northern, and eastern areas of the country, with a chance of rainfall with intervals and significant drop of temperatures on Wednesday.”

Along with clouds, winds will blow dust across the country at times. If you are heading outdoors, be prepared for dust storms at times.

“Northwesterly winds especially over the seas”, will cause moderate to rough conditions in the Arabian Gulf.

Thursday will also see scattered rainfall in some areas, with a decrease in the intensity of clouds. No rain is predicted for Friday. However, light rainfall and cloudy weather is expected on Saturday in Abu Dhabi and surrounding islands.