Overcast skies in Dubai on February 13
Overcast skies in Dubai Image Credit: Evangeline Elsa/Gulf News

Dubai: It's the perfect weather to have your favourite rainy day snack. Heavy rain hit some parts of the UAE on Sunday afternoon, while other parts of the country saw overcast skies. The National Center of Meteorology reported of heavy rainfall in parts of Sharjah, and moderate to light rain in Al Ain.

The weather bureau also issued orange and yellow weather alerts, indicating areas where convective clouds had meen monitored in the country.

The NCM usually monitors convective clouds, which are formed due to an increase in the surface temperature. They rise upwards and look similar to cotton balls piled on top of one another. The NCM monitors these clouds as they move over the country and dispatches cloud seeding flights, in order to maximise rainfall over the country.

Scattered rainfall is likely to hit parts of Al Ain, Fujairah, and Khorfakkan in Sharjah.

The NCM has warned people to stay away from areas, like wadis, which are prone to flash floods in the northern and eastern parts of the country.

The met department had also issued a forecast on Saturday evening, to alert residents that rainy weather accompanied by lightning and thunder is expected till Wednesday. "The UAE is expected to be affected by an air depression...," the NCM statement said.

Police urge caution on the roads

The Abu Dhabi Police on Sunday called on motorists to "exercise caution due to the rainy weather. 

In a social media post, the police urged road users to follow the weather condition before driving the vehicle, reduce speed.

"Abu Dhabi Police call on motorists to exerise caution due to the rainy weather and to follow the changing speed limits displayed on electronic information boards. Drive Safely," said the police in a post on Twitter. 

Safety tips for driving in the rain

> Check the validity of the brakes, tyres and headlights of your vehicle before starting your journey.

> Before driving in the rain, whether it is a short trip or not, make sure your wipers work well for a safe journey.

> If you have to drive in the rain, always double the safety distance between you and the vehicle ahead for your safety and that of others.

> Drive slowly when it is raining so you can always keep control of your car and not worry about having to stop suddenly behind other vehicles.

> Always follow traffic signs and do not instantly press on the accelerator when the traffic light turns green so you do not lose control on the slippery roads.

> Driving in the rain requires you to focus more. Do not overtake other vehicles except in ideal conditions.